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Cancun is the Strongest Growing City in Americas 2018

Cancun is the Strongest Growing City in Americas 2018

As we near the end of 2018, travel organisations the world over are crunching numbers and comparing statistics to predict which destinations will come out on top. With major destinations from Canada, the States, Mexico and beyond, the Americas is a tough region when it comes to travel industry competition. Yet it seems that, this year, Cancun will come out on top as the strongest growing city in the Americas!
At the beginning of November, World Travel Market London hosted it’s annual industry event which welcomes almost 50,000 senior travel professionals from around the world.
One event during the travel convention is the release of the ‘Top 100 City Destination Ranking WTM London Edition.’ This highly anticipated report consists of research by EuroMonitor International and outlines the top destinations in the world, major travel trends and industry development.

Cancun Travel Industry Grows from Strength to Strength 

Mexico’s travel industry as a whole is out-performing the global industry by as much as three times the average. In the last 5 years alone, it has climbed from 15th most visited country in the world to 8th, according to the UN World Travel Organisation.

So it is no surprise that one of the Mexico’s top travel destinations would be in the running for top destination in the Americas. But Let’s break down the numbers.
For the year 2017, Cancun welcomed a total number of 5.8 happy international travellers. Historically, the majority of Mexico’s international arrivals hail from the U.S. and then Canada. However, increasing interest from across the pond – especially Europe and Asia – has lead officials to predict a total of 6.8 million international passengers for 2018.
That represents a 16% yearly increase and has resulted in Cancun rising 5 places in the overall 100 top destinations to a very respectable 32nd place.
The growth doesn’t stop there. If current and predicted trends by EuroMonitor International pan out, Cancun tourism is expected to rise to 7.6 million international arrivals by 2020 and an incredible 9 million by 2025.

Wouter Geerts, Senior Travel Analyst at Euromonitor International, is an author of the report and commented on Cancun’s success, “The figures reflect a surge in arrivals for Mexico and Canada, while cities in the US are seeing slower growth rates, partly thanks to the travel policies of President Donald Trump.”


Top 5 Strongest Cities in Americas 

Cancun came in first place for strongest growing travel destination in the Americas. The top 5 is as follows:

1 Cancun, Mexico: 16% growth
2 Toronto: 11% year-on-year during 2017
3 Mexico City: 9% growth
4 Vancouver: 6.6% growth
5 Punta Cana: 6.5% growth

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