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The 8 best Cenotes in the Riviera Maya

Worldwide known, the Cenotes of the Riviera Maya are famous tourist destinations in Mexico, however, we know what a Cenote is, what makes them so special, and which ones are the most famous? We will now answer these questions.

What are Cenotes?

The first thing you should know, is that a cenote is a natural well supplied with fresh water from a system of underground caves that extend along the Yucatan Peninsula, so there are more than 7 thousand of these natural formations in the area.

Especially, The origin of the word Cenote comes from the Mayan word “dzonot” or “ts’onot” which means “cave with water”; these wells were considered by the Mayans as sacred places.

But, you may still wonder how these wells are formed. Here is a brief explanation

Cenotes are formed by the erosion of limestone resulting from the passage of fresh water through the underground rivers below them, resulting in the creation of natural wonders with crystal blue waters.

Also, To date, there are 3 types of cenotes: open skies are those that are completely open and can be defined as the most mature; semi-open ones have vertical walls and are accessed through an opening in their dome and underground or in a cave. Spectacular, isn’t it? !…

Since we have explained a little what they are, we are eager to present some of the most spectacular cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula, which will take your mind to incredible places and if you have had the privilege of knowing them you will see that REMEMBERING IS LIVING !

Top 8

  • Cenote Zapote Eco-park

Ecological park located in Puerto Morelos, made up of 3 cenotes, 2 open concept and 1 closed, offers the opportunity to perform various activities such as zip line, snorkeling, diving and more.

  • Sac Actún Cenotes

Located north of Tulum, is a set of underground caves that have as their entrance to the Great Cenote Sac Actun, you can perform activities such as diving and snorkeling, has a semi-open concept.

  • Kantun Chi

Located in the Riviera Maya, 15 km from Playa del Carmen, it is a park made up of 5 cenotes and an underground river, with an open and closed concept, in its variety.

  • Tankah Cenotes

Located near Tulum, considered a park composed of 4 cenotes, open concept, offers a variety of activities to do as zip line, kayaking and more. It is one of the most visited cenotes.

  • Hidden Cenote

Located west of Tulum, a few minutes away, it is an open cenote that shares entrance with Cenote Cristal, it has cliffs of 3 meters approximately, ideal for snorkeling.

  • Cenote Xunaan-Ha

Located in Chemuyil, north of Tulum, it has an approximate depth of 8 meters, is an open cenote with a zip line and diving dock.

  • Cenote Chaak Tun

Located outside of Playa del Carmen, it consists of two cenotes, and is still an unknown site compared to other large cenotes.

  • Two Cenote Eyes

Located to the north of Tulum, it is a cenote with an open and closed component, that is, semi-open, it has a depth of approximately 120 meters.

Finally, We invite you to discover the wonders of the Riviera Maya and to know why it is the best destination in Mexico to live or invest.

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