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Learn more about the cenote of the Riviera Maya

What is a cenote?

You may ask yourself, what is a cenote? Here is a brief explanation of what a cenote is and how each one of the cenotes you can visit in the Riviera Maya is formed.

A cenote is called a deep water well that is fed by rivers and seas. Formed over the years, turning it into a natural pool surrounded by the beauty of nature.


For the Mayan culture the cenotes, or tz onot, were considered sacred. The Mayas believed that it was a source of life with a sacred level, having been their main water supply.

Types of Cenotes:

There are different types of cenotes, however, there are 3 classifications. These are the most important ones you should know to identify which one is the most suitable for you to visit on your trip to the Riviera Maya.


This type of cenotes are the oldest that exist, because they are those cenotes that were formed by the fall of the roof that covered them, leaving them outdoors, allowing direct sunlight to enter and the water becomes crystalline.

It can be said that they are among the most beautiful cenotes, as they are surrounded by cylindrical walls full of plants and flowers as the habitat of thousands of birds and butterflies, which makes them have a unique natural beauty.


Also known as cavern cenotes, these are the youngest cenotes because they are completely covered and have only a few holes in the roof of the vault.

This type of cenotes are usually the most attractive or suitable for recreational and adventure activities due to their depth and natural beauty.


These cenotes are known as the middle-aged ones, because they are not too old to be completely outdoors, but not too young to be completely covered, meaning that some parts are exposed and others are not.

Most of them will be able to offer us crystal clear waters, in which we can enjoy relaxing activities such as swimming or rappel and at the same time you can contemplate its incredible underwater areas full of life and nature.

Which cenotes to visit in the Riviera Maya?

Here you can learn about some of the most beautiful cenotes, full of Mayan legends and nature that you will find in the Riviera Maya.Aucun texte alternatif pour cette image


Cenote Hubiku is a wonderful young cenote, located very close to Valladolid and Chichen Itza. It has a very peculiar characteristic that differentiates it from others, being a cenote with a hole in the center that allows the sun’s rays to enter in a unique way, offering a unique natural visual spectacle.

It has emerald waters and a great depth of 27 meters, which you must reach through a stone staircase that will allow you to admire the beauty of the water eye from the first moment.


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This cenote is located in Coba, where you can observe stalactites around its interior, with crystalline and shallow waters in which you will surely enjoy swimming with relaxation. It is an ideal cenote for family recreation because there are plenty of fish that you will find at the bottom of the waters and you will also hear the singing of the birds that live around.

It has all the necessary services for you to live an unforgettable experience. Aucun texte alternatif pour cette image


This cenote is also known as the sacred blue cenote, because it has turquoise blue waters and a medium depth that allows great divers to have a good time.

This place is ideal for after your tour in Chichen itza, you can take a dip in fresh, crystal clear water to relax your body.

The Ik Kil cenote is one of the best known in the Yucatan Peninsula, because it has unparalleled long liana-like roots that hang from the large trees that surround it.

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The Gran Cenote is another of the most famous cenotes in the Tulum area, since it is the ideal place for all those snorkeling and diving lovers.

It has completely crystalline, refreshing and relaxing waters inhabited by many species of harmless aquatic animals such as turtles and fish that will allow you to be in direct contact with nature.

It has different attractions such as recreation and relaxation area with chairs and tables, as well as all the necessary services for your unforgettable adventure.


As you can see, the Riviera Maya has a great variety of cenotes, because besides knowing the history of each one of them, you can also enjoy recreational and adventure activities with your family, surrounded by nature.

Mexico is one of the countries that can offer many magical places and corners full of life and nature that you will surely love. Book your tour and learn more about the cenotes of the Riviera Maya and live the experience with us.

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