$264,000 USD

Property type: Los Amigos


  • Concierge
  • Elevators
  • Gym
  • Lock-offs
  • Parking
  • Prime Location
  • Rental Program
  • Security
  • Sky bridge
  • Spa
  • Swimming pool
  • Tropical Waterfall
  • Two Rooftop Lounges & Pools



Condo for sale in Tulum

Condo for sale in Tulum. Located in one of the most exclusive zones in Tulum, Aldea Zama, Just few minutes away from beautiful beach. Sanctuary residences designed in order to provide also unique experience. Opportunity to create unforgettable moments. Design that surrounds you with warm Sun rays creating a relaxing peaceful atmosphere.

Tulum always tries to maintain its green cover and also its heritage. In Tulum you can truly get in touch with the nature and the history, thanks to the heritage sites.

Best view from Sky bridge with 2 rooftop Lounges and pool and also Tesla destination charger. Floor plans studio, two, three bedroom with also has four bedroom pent house with offers various types of distributions from 51 M2 to 280 M2.

Sanctuary residences is designed, construction and Rental by Los Amigos. Intelligent investment designed with latest technology in renewable energy and  building techniques. It has highest return in the market with safe investment 100% title ownership.



Tulum is built in an exceptional natural site, bordering the Caribbean Sea Mexican turquoise colors and on a rocky promontory . 

The perfect opportunity for intrepid families to immerse themselves in a fascinating culture. Situated on the Mexican coast of the Caribbean, Tulum is also one the most breathtaking city with its virgin coast and white beach with palm trees in a context of a hot and turquoise blue sea. Appointed among the best six places in the world to possess a second house, Tulum attracts more than one million visitors per year. It is one of the fastest growing city which increased its annual value situated between 8 and 14% and also many more.

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