$209,000 USD

Property type: IMEX

Residence Description



  • 2 bedroom apartments, 1.5 bathroom, 103.5 m2, from $ 209,000 USD
  • 2 bedroom apartments, 2 bathroom, 103.5 m2, from $ 233,6oo USD
  • 3 bedroom apartments, 3 bathroom, Lock-off system, 134.5 m2, from $ 305,250 USD

This project is a 36 comfortable apartments development surrounded by the greenshade of the local jungle. It is an ideal space to enjoy the whole Tulum experience, creating an ideal place for rest, recreation and reflection. It’s located inside of the exclusive Aldea Zamá, a majestic ecotourist and residential project. 

Prime location makes it possible to you enjoy bike rides to the areological zone, beach and cenotes. Without a doubt these formidable characteristics will secure that is the best choice to develop your own space or investment model.

Residencial Amenities

  • blankParking
  • blankPrime Location
  • blankGreen Areas
  • blankClosed Community
  • blankPools

Property Description

The units has: living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, wharehouse, balcony, Terrace, pool, garden, stairs, bar, tanning area.

In addition, these apartments find the ideal balance between rustic region materials, textures and warm colors with elegance to feel that you coexist in the natural charm of the coastal jungle and at same time enjoy the amenities that modern life provides.


Property Amenities

  • blankTerrace
  • blankLaundry Room
  • blankConditioner AIr
  • blankBar
  • blankBathroom
  • blankHalf bath


Located in Tulum, a heavenly place that has beautiful beaches, surrounded by nature and vegetation, in addition of the remains of an important mayan city.

On the other hand, the proximity to the cancun international airport gives it great touristic opening being tourism an important source of growth and investment.

It can be said that Tulum is the perfect place in the world.

Especially Tulum’s optimum climate, the forest which charms all senses and the warmth of the clear Caribbean Sea waters.

The ancient Mayas named it Zama or “dawns”. Today, it is worldwide known as Tulum, meaning “the walls”. Its ruins still look on to the crystal clear coral reefs. Tulum means harmony.

Certainly the return on investment in Tulum is one of the highest of the market. It is between and 14% annual gain.  For this reason,  it is one the highest returns on investment in the Riviera Maya.

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