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The 8 best Cenotes in the Riviera Maya

Worldwide known, the Cenotes of the Riviera Maya are famous tourist destinations in Mexico, however, we know what a Cenote is, what makes them so special, and which ones are the most famous? We will now answer these questions.

What are Cenotes?

The first thing you should know, is that a cenote is a natural well supplied with fresh water from a system of underground caves that extend along the Yucatan Peninsula, so there are more than 7 thousand of these natural formations in the area.

Especially, The origin of the word Cenote comes from the Mayan word “dzonot” or “ts’onot” which means “cave with water”; these wells were considered by the Mayans as sacred places.

But, you may still wonder how these wells are formed. Here is a brief explanation

Cenotes are formed by the erosion of limestone resulting from the passage of fresh water through the underground rivers below them, resulting in the creation of natural wonders with crystal blue waters.

Also, To date, there are 3 types of cenotes: open skies are those that are completely open and can be defined as the most mature; semi-open ones have vertical walls and are accessed through an opening in their dome and underground or in a cave. Spectacular, isn’t it? !…

Since we have explained a little what they are, we are eager to present some of the most spectacular cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula, which will take your mind to incredible places and if you have had the privilege of knowing them you will see that REMEMBERING IS LIVING !

Top 8

  • Cenote Zapote Eco-park

Ecological park located in Puerto Morelos, made up of 3 cenotes, 2 open concept and 1 closed, offers the opportunity to perform various activities such as zip line, snorkeling, diving and more.

  • Sac Actún Cenotes

Located north of Tulum, is a set of underground caves that have as their entrance to the Great Cenote Sac Actun, you can perform activities such as diving and snorkeling, has a semi-open concept.

  • Kantun Chi

Located in the Riviera Maya, 15 km from Playa del Carmen, it is a park made up of 5 cenotes and an underground river, with an open and closed concept, in its variety.

  • Tankah Cenotes

Located near Tulum, considered a park composed of 4 cenotes, open concept, offers a variety of activities to do as zip line, kayaking and more. It is one of the most visited cenotes.

  • Hidden Cenote

Located west of Tulum, a few minutes away, it is an open cenote that shares entrance with Cenote Cristal, it has cliffs of 3 meters approximately, ideal for snorkeling.

  • Cenote Xunaan-Ha

Located in Chemuyil, north of Tulum, it has an approximate depth of 8 meters, is an open cenote with a zip line and diving dock.

  • Cenote Chaak Tun

Located outside of Playa del Carmen, it consists of two cenotes, and is still an unknown site compared to other large cenotes.

  • Two Cenote Eyes

Located to the north of Tulum, it is a cenote with an open and closed component, that is, semi-open, it has a depth of approximately 120 meters.

Finally, We invite you to discover the wonders of the Riviera Maya and to know why it is the best destination in Mexico to live or invest.

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What is a fideocosmico and why you may need one? If you don’t have the Mexican nationality but want to buy a house to live or to invest in Mexico, you need to know what a fideocosmico is, why is it mandatory to have one to buy a property in the “restricted zone” of Mexico (we will explain you what it means later) and obviously what are costs that come with it.



To put it simply, the fideocosmico is a bank trust. There are three party involved in the bank trust:

  • The bank
  • The seller
  • The buyer

The buyer, which becomes the owner of the bank trust, has all the rights about the property. Which means that he can rent it, sell it, or modify it.

The bank is the trustee, who is working for the buyer. The bank holds the title but has no right to make any decision about the property.

The seller is the Mexican Government.

You also need to know that the Bank Trusts are active for 50 years and are renewable after that. Do not be confused, this is NOT a “lease”.  A small annual fee must be paid annually to the bank holding the trust. Finally, the buyer designates a substitute beneficiary, who becomes the beneficiary in the case of death (this makes inheritance much easier




The restricted zone is defined in the Mexican constitution by the following limits:

  • Within 50 kilometers (33 miles) from all the Mexican coastline
  • 100 kilometers from any borders of the Mexican territory


The initial cost to establish a bank trust is approximately $2000-$2500* USD and this fee is part of your closing costs. Your real estate attorney works with the bank to set up the trust prior to closing. There is a yearly fee of $500-$700* USD that is paid to the bank.

Now, a little history on the origin of the fideicomiso. Legal ownership of real estate in Mexico for foreigners comes from the Foreign Investment Law that was approved by President Luis Echeverria in 1971. It became law in 1973.

The Foreign Investment Law of 1973 allowed a different treatment of real estate within and outside the Restricted Zone. Foreigners can own land outside the RZ without the need of a trust.

The investment trust program was very successful, and in 1989, the Mexican government signed into law the ability for foreigners to have successive extensions of the trust thorough a simple application process when time for expiration of the original trust period came due.

In 1994, the new Foreign Investment Law allowed a beneficiary to have a trust for 50 years, with the application for extension or renewal still intact.

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Why should you invest at Tulum and Playa del Carmen


Both cities are a must on the Riviera Maya. Tulum is best known for its Mayan fortress overlooking the Caribbean Sea and Playa Del Carmen is best known for its festivals and nightlife.

But why choose one over the other? The choice is not easy but we will try to understand why these two cities, very different, are both so attractive.


This ultra trendy place dominates the Yucatan coast with its legendary fortress and keeps intact its charm of a small New Age village. It is one of the 111 “Pueblos Magicos”. It is one of the best places in Mexico and is recognized worldwide.


One of the most important sites in Tulum are its Mayan ruins, located on a cliff facing the Caribbean Sea; with its warm, starry nights and clear, turquoise waters, it is the only archaeological site on the seashore. It is the most photogenic site in the region and perhaps in the whole country.


Despite the strong interest in Tulum, the town retains a traditional appearance, taking care to preserve its vegetation in order to be an authentic city while offering high-standard comfort.


Investing in Tulum remains very attractive due to its growing real estate market. Indeed, the city, which attracts more than a million visitors a year, is internationally renowned for its white sandy beaches and clear, warm water. Tulum has quickly become a favourite destination for eco-chic travellers, fashionistas and discerning tourists looking for something away from the big destinations. If you buy with the intention of renting when you are not there you are guaranteed an annual return of around 8-14%. The growth in value appreciation for real estate investors in Tulum is also around 8% to 14% a year and is more than that for beachfront properties.”


In addition, the tourism market on the Riviera Maya is growing year after year. In fact, over the last decade, tourism figures have shown a strong and constant upward trend. There are no signs of a slowdown on the horizon, quite the opposite in fact. Occupancy rates throughout the Mayan Riviera have been steadily increasing, with an annual average of around 85% to 90%, and all future infrastructure projects planned by the state and the government will contribute to the growth of tourism. This means that this is an opportune time to invest in real estate in Tulum and enjoy unbeatable rental income. It is also a way to diversify your financial portfolio with an attractive real estate investment.


In addition, the future of Tulum is promising as there are plans to build an international airport in Tulum and a railway network along the Mayan Riviera. These two projects would change the real estate market in Tulum and the evolution of prices.




Playa del Carmen is one of the favourite holiday destinations for tourists, especially in summer, according to Trip Advisor, because it is an idyllic place located in the heart of the Riviera Maya with fine white sand and turquoise waters, you will always find a hammock and a parasol to sunbathe and rest, especially on the edge of the town which offers the most quiet beach areas.

If you prefer action, in Playa del Carmen you will find nautical activities such as windsurfing, jet-skiing, kayaking or diving in the impressive Mayan coral reef. Great Mexican and international jazz musicians offer concerts every year. The beauty of the beaches and the many activities that Playa del Carmen has to offer will keep you coming back.


Playa del Carmen is different from Tulum, it’s a larger city, with nearly 300,000 inhabitants and has upscale restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas and especially the “Quinta Avenida”. The Quinta avenida is the most touristic place in the city where you can find a multitude of shops and it is also the ideal place to have a drink in a warm atmosphere. Of course, Playa Del Carmen is not really similar to Tulum, but it’s just as pleasant. The Quinta is full of people!


Investing in Playa Del Carmen is very attractive because it is the fastest growing city in all of Latin America. Over the last ten years Playa del Carmen has enjoyed a huge growth spurt in all areas – commercial, residential, retail and services. New condominium developments are typically sold during construction, as eager investors seek to enter the market as quickly as possible. For this reason, most of the condos for sale in Playa Del Carmen have appreciated before their completion. In addition Playa del Carmen is considered the epicenter of the Riviera Maya with its services, commercial, housing and entertainment sectors.


In addition, the tourism market on the Riviera Maya is growing year after year. In fact, over the last decade the tourism figures show a strong and constant upward trend. There are no signs of a slowdown on the horizon, quite the opposite in fact. Occupancy rates throughout the Mayan Riviera have been steadily increasing, with an annual average of around 85% to 90%, and all future infrastructure projects planned by the State and the government will contribute to the growth of tourism. This means that this is an opportune time to invest in real estate in Tulum and enjoy unbeatable rental income. It is also a way to diversify your financial portfolio with an attractive real estate investment.

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Playacar, an idyll in paradise

The province of Yucatan is one of the most popular areas in Mexico, with its history, its landscapes as incredible as they are varied, its culture, its gastronomy, there is a lot to say about this region. But today we are going to focus on one place in particular. In the most popular cities of Yucatan we find of course the majestic Cancun, the incredible Tulum, and of course the magnificent Playa del Carmen. But in the latter, one place stands out more than the others, standing out from the crowd with its subtle beauty, quiet strength, and discreet magnificence.

Playacar is right in the centre of Playa del carmen. Just a few minutes from the beach and the most famous avenue in the city, “la Quinta”. Avenue where you will find everything you need for your entertainment, such as bars, cafes, nightclubs and more.

Playacar is an exclusive community, which means that only Playacar residents and employees who work there have the opportunity to enter, which greatly reduces (if not totally eradicates) the risk of theft, assault or other inconveniences.

This place, populated by condominios, luxury hotels, villas and luxurious houses, each one more beautiful than the other, is divided into two parts.

Playacar Fase I, which faces the beach with direct access, will allow you to enjoy an absolutely splendid view of the ocean and its waves, turquoise water and fine sand. This is a celebrity favourite and there are even rumours that Brad Pitt may own a house here.

Playacar Fase II, is built around a very large golf course designed by Robert Von Hagge, and therefore has an 18-hole golf course, shops, and just like Fase I, a large number of condos, villas and 5-star hotels. You can also find a bird park, Xaman-Ha bird sanctuary, where you can observe some of the local birds and admire their shimmering colours. This is definitely a place not to be missed in Playa del Carmen.

You can also find restaurants and convenience stores in Playacar. In fact, there are several Oxxo convenience stores, one at the Riu Palace Hotel and 2 more towards the back of Playacar. There are also several restaurants close to the Oxxo’s towards the back of Playacar, and we recommend l’atelier de Fred. This is a French bakery which is simply excellent.

The roads in Playacar are very well maintained by the staff, you’ll most likely get the chance to see the security doing regular patrols, and these roads are great for jogging or cycling.

You should also know that Mayan ruins, called Xaman-Ha, are located close to Playacar, very interesting and rewarding they can perfectly serve as an introduction to Mayan history, discover how they lived, what they ate and what their customs were. They also have the advantage of being completely free of access.

Finally, we must tell you about the beaches of Playacar, which are among the most beautiful in Playa del Carmen. Very wide, they are very appreciated by locals and tourists who do not hesitate to come from the center to settle down on these beaches.

On that note, I hope this article has helped you, and have a good stay in Playacar.

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The animals we know best in the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is rich in exceptional flora and fauna. The whole region is very green, unlike some of the desert places in Mexico. The tropical climate enjoyed by the Yucatan Peninsula is at the origin of such diversity. But also the underground rivers that hold great reserves of water.

In this article, we will discover the animals you are sure to find in this region.

The tzereque

If you want to see an agouti you must pay close attention, as they are very shy animals.

The funny Tzereque, with his tiny front legs and huge butt makes us laugh every time we see him running. It can reach 62 cm long and weigh 4 kg. It is a diurnal animal that feeds on fruit that it holds with its front legs while resting on its hind legs. It buries fruit that it does not consume so it plays an important role in dispersing seeds. The Tzereques form monogamous pairs for life that defend a territory of approximately 2 hectares. They build burrows in hollow trunks or under tree roots. They live for about 13 years.

These rodents are very often present in forests and often travel in groups.

The iguana

Iguanas are very present in the Riviera Maya. We even met some in the city. These totally harmless animals are beneficial because they hunt mosquitoes. They are also very fast and can reach a speed of 35 km/h!

The donkey

The donkey is a heritage of humanity, an integral part of the environment and culture.

  It has long ears, an erect mane and various shades and thickness of hair. They are docile to unsuspected limits, with an unquestionable capacity for endurance, rough and delicate, coarse and tender, intelligent and grateful.

There are many of them in the Riviera Maya and generally they are not afraid of humans.

The Macaw

The macaw has an iridescent red plumage. Part of the wing feathers are blue, yellow and to a lesser extent green. The area around its eyes is yellow and its face is dotted with white feathers. This is a medium-sized macaw, measuring 80 to 90 centimetres in length, but some can reach 120 centimetres. There are many people who own this fabulous animal. It is capable of repeating and imitating human speech.

Sea turtles

Sea turtles are a vital link to marine ecosystems.  They help maintain healthy seagrass beds and coral reefs, which benefit commercially valuable species such as shrimp, lobster and tuna.  Sea turtles are living representatives of a group of reptiles that have existed on Planet Earth and have roamed our seas for the past 100 million years.  Turtles have a very important cultural significance and considerable tourist value.  Sea turtles can lay more than 150 eggs per nest and can nest several times in each season, compensating for the high mortality rates that prevent most sea turtles from reaching maturity.

The coati

The coati is a raccoon-like animal, but brown in color, with an elongated snout and a stylized banded tail, similar to that of a lemur; it has even been confused with these primates. It has powerful paws and double-jointed ankles, allowing it to walk on all fours on vertical surfaces without any problem, as well as to descend upside down from trees.

This species of procyonidae can reach a length of 1.4 metres, although its height is very reduced.  The coatis live in groups of 5 to 20 individuals, almost always composed of females and small males. So if you see one, you don’t have to wait long for its friends to appear nearby.

The raccoon

These cute little animals are popular because they are very skillful with their front paws, used to take the food they want. They are sometimes called “wash bears” because they wet their food, but they do this to remove poison (like frogs) and other substances.

The Spider Monkey

These small monkeys are very present in the tropical forests of the Riviera Maya. It is not unusual to meet them if one ventures into the forests or on excursions.

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The 10 best tours in Riviera Maya

The 10 best tours in Riviera Maya


This list of the best excursions in the Riviera Maya will help you complete a trip to one of the most famous jewels in Mexico, which we are sure you will fall in love with upon your arrival.

In this area, located on the coast of the state of Quintana Roo, you can enjoy white sand beaches and turquoise waters, cenotes, coral reefs, ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization, hotels with all the amenities in addition to one of the best cuisine in the world, making it one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Excursion to the Cenotes


The Riviera Maya has its wildest part in the cenotes, some limestone caves that are the result of erosion, where you can take a relaxing bath or even go scuba diving.

Although there are hundreds of cenotes in the Riviera Maya, you have to take into account that the ones located closer to the coast are open sky while the cenotes around Valladolid are cave-like and located in the middle of the jungle, something that in our experience, makes them more spectacular.

Many cenotes can only be accessed if you have a rental car or a taxi such as those in Samulá, X’kekén, Palomitas, Agua Dulce, Xcanahaltun, Hubiku and Suytun, but if you don’t want to drive you can visit some of them by public transport, taking advantage of the fact that they are near archaeological sites such as the fantastic Il Kil or take a tour that passes through several cenotes.

man swimming at Cenotes
man swimming at Cenotes

Excursion to Chichén Itzá


Visiting Chichen Itza, the most famous Mayan ruin and one of the seven wonders of the modern world, is one of the best excursions in the Mayan Riviera that you can do.

This archaeological complex has several buildings and structures such as the Pyramid of Kukulkan or the impressive Ball Game, which will take you to the era of greatest splendor of the Mayan civilization.

Being the place that receives more tourists in Mexico, it is advisable to arrive early, taking into account that they open at 8 am, to enjoy the site with more tranquility and be able to take pictures without many people.

The duration of the visit is usually between three and five hours, depending on the time you spend at the site, and can be completed with a swim in one of the most spectacular cenotes in the country, Ik Kil, which is very close to the archaeological site.

To get to Chichen Itza, if you don’t have a rental car, you can take a bus from the ADO bus station in Cancun or Playa del Carmen, which will take you directly there.

chichen Itza
chichen Itza

Excursion to Coba


The ruins of Coba are one of the largest Mayan sites in the Yucatan Peninsula, with several structures and pyramids scattered throughout the jungle, which can be easily visited on foot or by bicycle.

Its most outstanding place is the pyramid Nohuch Mul, the highest in the Yucatan with 42 meters high, where you can climb to the top using support ropes because of its steep slope and from where you will have magnificent views of the area.

ruins of Coba
ruins of Coba

Excursión a Tulum


In Tulum, you will find the typical Caribbean postcard where you can see the castle of an ancient Mayan city, located at the edge of a cliff, on a white sand beach and turquoise waters.

Visiting the Mayan ruins of Tulum will take you about 2 hours and in addition to protection for the hottest days, it is advisable to take your swimsuit with you to finish with a refreshing swim on the beach below the ruins, one of the most famous in the world.

If you have extra time you can walk to one of our favorite beaches in the Riviera Maya, the spectacular Playa Paraiso and eat or drink at one of the seafront restaurants.

coast of Tulum
coast of Tulum

Excursion to Isla Mujeres


Isla Mujeres, a beautiful island located 13 kilometers from the Yucatan Peninsula, in front of Cancun, is another of the best excursions in the Riviera Maya. Its calm waters and the incredible coral reefs on the west side are perfect for snorkeling or scuba diving. You can also rent a golf cart or a motorcycle to tour the island in search of some of its turquoise water beaches and visit the famous marine park El Garrafón.

To get to Isla Mujeres you can take a ferry from the hotel zone in Cancun or from Puerto Juarez, which will take you to the island in about 20 minutes.

Islas mujeres
Islas mujeres

Excursion to Holbox


Holbox Island is a small paradise and another of the must-see places in the Riviera Maya. Its white sand beaches, transparent waters of an intense turquoise green and sunsets are for the memory.

If you add to all this a delicious gastronomy, based on local and international food, and that it is a relatively uncrowded island, Holbox automatically becomes one of the best excursions in the Riviera Maya.

In addition, all the points of interest on the island can be reached on foot or by renting a golf cart, since in Holbox motor vehicles are not allowed, making it a very pleasant destination for relaxation.

The only way to get to Holbox is by ferry from Chiquilá.


Excursion to Xel-Há

Xel-Ha Park, a true paradise for nature lovers, is another essential excursion in the Riviera Maya.

In this great natural aquarium with transparent turquoise waters from the Xel-Ha River and the Caribbean Sea, you can do several water activities, one of the most requested being a walk on a floating tire, where the current of the river will take you to different points of interest in the park.

In this park you can also practice snorkeling in different coves, discover cenotes, jump from natural trampolines, go on a zip line or on a vine, go hiking or cycling in the jungle, among many other activities.

To get to Xel-Ha Park, located 13 kilometers from Tulum and 110 kilometers from Cancun, you can choose either the car or the ADO buses.


Excursion to Xcaret or Xplor

One of the best excursions in the Riviera Maya for all ages is the visit to Xcaret natural park and Xplor recreational park. These two parks, located in a beautiful environment of jungle and Caribbean Sea, offer a lot of fun activities outdoors and in hidden caves, where besides releasing adrenaline with its many attractions, you can see several shows that reproduce Mexican dances and traditions.

If you don’t have a car, the cheapest option to get to the park is to take a bus in Cancun or Playa del Carmen that will drop you off at the entrance.


Xcaret visiting hours: every day from 8:30h to 22:30h.

Xplor visiting hours: Monday to Saturday from 9h to 17h and from 17:30h to 22:30h.


Excursion to las Coloradas


In the north of the Yucatan Peninsula, near the coastal town of Río Lagartos, you can find Las Coloradas, which has become very fashionable lately thanks to the power of social networks.

This area of singular beauty, where several artificial lakes are dyed with colors, a product of the concentration of salt and microorganisms, is another essential place to visit in Mexico.

To get to Las Coloradas, if you do not have a car, you can take a collective taxi in Rio Largatos.

coast of las coloradas
coast of las coloradas

Excursion to Rio Secreto


Rio Secreto, an underground nature reserve with transparent waters and rocky formations of stalactites and stalagmites, is another of the best excursions in the Riviera Maya.

Located very close to Playa del Carmen and Xcaret park, this reserve with more than 30 kilometers of shallow tunnels and galleries, offers you the possibility to swim and walk through an underground cave for about 600 meters accompanied by a specialized guide.

To get to Rio Secreto, if you don’t have a car, you can take a bus in Cancun, Tulum or Playa del Carmen and get off at Akumal.

cave of rio secreto
cave of rio secreto

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Riviera Maya “The Paradise” what to do? And how to settle in?

I. What is the Riviera Maya ? 

The Riviera Maya is a tourist area located along the Caribbean Sea in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico. Geographically it extends along the coast for a distance of 130 km from the city of Puerto Morelos in the north to the city of Punta Allen in the south. The name was created in the early 1990s with the strategic development of this tourist destination, its hotel infrastructure and various attractions designed for foreign and Mexican tourists. This region is characterized by its paradisiacal beaches, ancestral Mayan temples, as well as its jungle and numerous caves that can be visited. Its splendor makes it today the most visited place in Mexico but also one of the most requested in all Latin America. On the other hand, the climate of the Riviera Maya is typically tropical, with more than 250 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 24°C.

view of a beach at Riviera Maya
view of a beach at Riviera Maya


II. The touristic places of Riviera Maya

– Tulum : On a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Tulum are admirably preserved. It is the only Mayan city built in front of the sea and one of the few that has been fortified. You can also enjoy the impressive view of the sea, as well as swim in the many cenotes and underground rivers of Tulum.

– Xcaret : Xcaret is an ecopark dedicated to the conservation of nature and the enhancement of the archaeological heritage. The activities are multiple and varied, from swimming in the underground river to swimming with the dolphins and the magnificent show that takes place every night. The park is located 15 minutes by car from downtown Playa Del Carmen.

– Chichen Itza : Chichen Itza is an ancient Mayan city located between Valladolid and Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Chichen Itza was probably the main religious center of the Yucatan in the 10th century and today remains one of the most important and most visited archaeological sites in the region. The site was classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988, and was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World on July 7, 2007.

– Rio Secreto is a wonderful cenote route with a guide who leads small groups of visitors through its maze. Although the Riviera Maya is full of underground routes, the experience at Rio Secreto is still unique. It is an authentic place compared to other parks in the area. After a transfer in a van, a short walk through the jungle and a Mayan ceremony, visitors enter a network of magnificent underwater caves.

– The islands of the Riviera Maya are also well known for the most part with for example Islas Mujeres which is an island in the Caribbean Sea about 13 km from the Yucatan Peninsula. This sublime island is about 7 km long and less than 1 km wide, with a rocky coast and a beautiful white sand beach. There is also Cozumel which is the largest island in the Riviera Maya, a destination with incredible places to visit, theme parks, good restaurants, beach clubs and much more. The island is 21 kilometers long and is surrounded by a large main road that you can take around the island!


chichen itza
chichen itza
cave exploration at Riviera Maya
cave exploration at Riviera Maya
sky's view of an island at Rivera Maya
sky’s view of an island at Rivera Maya

III. Why is the Riviera Maya an ideal place to live or invest? 

Moving to the Yucatan Peninsula has many advantages. First of all, the climate in this area is very sunny and warm all year round. As a result, the seasons are not very marked and the Riviera Maya remains a tourist destination all year round.

In addition, Mexico is a country where it is easy to integrate. In fact, Mexicans are generally very educated and good-hearted. They love meeting foreigners and this makes the Yucatan Peninsula a very cosmopolitan region.

In addition, the Riviera Maya includes many ancient cultural sites that attract other forms of tourism than sun tourism. Numerous temples and ruins of Mayan villages are present throughout the region and can be easily visited. It is also possible to meet the Mayan tribes, as many of them still exist in Quintana Roo.

Mexican gastronomy is also a reason to come to Mexico. In fact, Mexican cuisine is recognized worldwide for its specialties that can be found in many countries. As proof, it was registered at UNESCO in 2010, at the same time as that of France!

In addition, the purchasing power in Mexico is attractive and prices are generally lower than in most countries.

On the other hand, real estate investment in the Riviera Maya is very profitable due to the significant growth of the real estate market each year. In fact, the main tourist areas of the Riviera Maya are in constant development and owning a well located apartment in this area is a good investment because the demand is so strong that it is almost totally guaranteed that you can rent your property whenever you want.

house at Riviera Maya
house at Riviera Maya

IV. Century 21 The Agency has excellent properties to live or invest

Our agency is recognized for the quality of its real estate services thanks not only to the strength of our network but also to the relationship with our clients and the quality of the work of our staff.

Century 21 Playa Del Carmen Agency does everything possible to offer you the best properties and has a wide range of accommodations from studios to large villas.

Our long experience makes us a real connoisseur of the market to be able to advise you in the best possible way on your real estate project.

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Playa del Carmen: Ideal city

In the Riviera Maya we find the ideal city where you will have freedom, tranquility, fun, culture and you will forget your day to day.

It is that after a long year or time of work in the city, the stress of the day to day, the minimum you deserve are a few days of relaxation and what better way to spend them than in Playa del Carmen, the city of Dream.


Why choose Playa del Carmen?

In the Mexican Caribbean we find this beautiful city Playa del Carmen, located in the heart of the Riviera Maya.

Currently Playa del Carmen is considered one of the cities with the highest economic growth in the region thanks to the boost given by the tourism sector, and is that annually receives approximately two million Mexican and foreign tourists, who come for the wonderful natural landscapes, rich culture and infrastructure offered by the city.

Catalogued as one of the best tourist destinations worldwide, Playa del Carmen has it all, from wonderful beaches with crystal clear waters, white sand, cenotes (underground caves), the famous Fifth Avenue with respected shops, galleries, restaurants and nightclubs to incredible real estate developments, as it has one of the best returns on investment in the area. It also offers an endless number of cultural activities to enrich your soul.

Playa del Carmen has an optimal climate, being in a tropical zone its temperature normally oscillates between 25 and 30 ° C and the frequency of rain is low, so the stay in this city to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery is ideal and unmatched.

So what are you waiting for to visit Playa del Carmen?

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The Mexican Riviera Maya is one of the most visited places in the Caribbean

An enviable tropical climate, one of the best (if not the best) gastronomies in the world, white sandy beaches, nightlife, luxury hotels, first class water parks, cenotes, Mayan ruins, underground rivers.

The Mexican Riviera Maya has it all for a dream vacation. With this post you can get an idea of what this Mexican paradise has to offer.

Cancun – Hotel Zone

Cancun is without a doubt the most famous place in the Riviera Maya. However, not so much for its people, but for the Hotel Zone, which is undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy the white sand and turquoise water of this region.

From luxury hotels with services that include all beverages and meals included, to small apartments that you can easily rent in Airbnb. If you stay here there are several advantages to venturing into the region.

Isla Mujeres 

No one can come to Cancun without visiting Isla Mujeres. And no one can come to the island without taking one of the ferries that depart from various points in the hotel zone.

If you ask one of the locals about what you should see in Cancun, the first thing they will tell you is “Isla Mujeres”.

The ferry departs from three points in the hotel zone: Caracol Beach, Tortuga Beach and El Embarcadero. Recommendation in Isla Mujeres, a tour that includes snorkeling and renting a trolley to move around the island.


Xcaret Park is located in Playa del Carmen, an hour’s drive from Cancun and is one of the best in the Riviera Maya. It is just one of many theme parks of the same company, but undoubtedly the most visited and what should be the first experience of every visitor to the region.

One day is not enough to test all the attractions of the park. Some experiences are extra pay, but worth it, like the snorkel tour to see the reef, where many times you can see manta rays and turtles.

Of the activities that you should not miss in the park is the tour in the river, visit the aquarium, the beach and undoubtedly the night show “Mexico Spectacular”, which is worth by itself admission to this place.


The ruins of Tulum, located at two hours in the south of Cancun, are a unique experience.

The pre-Columbian structures are anchored on the hill of a beach overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It is a place that should be visited without a doubt.

Tulum used to be a small fishing village about 15 years ago. Now it is a new popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches full of bungalows (not giant all-inclusive hotels like in Cancun).

Playa del Carmen y Cenotes

Playa del Carmen is one of the tourist places with more nightlife in the Riviera Maya. In addition to the beaches you can not miss Fifth Avenue, a vibrant street with restaurants, cafes, boutiques, bars and shops, among others.

Cenotes are underground rivers or natural wells that abound in the Yucatan peninsula. The ancient Mayas used cenotes to make sacrificial offerings.

This is just a little of all the wonders you can find in the Riviera Maya, and all year round you can find cultural attractions in the different places we recommend. Imagine waking up and seeing the sunrise on the seashore, come to the Riviera Maya and discover why it is one of the best places to vacation and live.

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Do you really know Tulum?

We know that it is a charming town of the Riviera Maya that makes you feel wonderful just visiting it, has incredible natural landscapes, archeological and modern sites that move you to another dimension.

Also, in turn feel at home thanks to the attention of its citizens, typical meals and its rich culture.

For you to enjoy it to its fullest potential, Tulum paradise on earth offers you the following wonders:

  • Mayan Ruins:

Archaeological zone of the Riviera Maya, considered one of the 7 wonders of the world, is located on a cliff with an incredible view of the Caribbean Sea, without much to add we invite you to enjoy them.

  • Labnaha Ecological Park:

Natural park that offers you the fullness of nature, perform various activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, among others, houses the incredible Cenote Labnaha, undoubtedly a place to visit.

  • Sian Ka’an:

And what to say about this place, wonder and magic is little, has a vast marine and jungle ecosystem, so it lives up to its name “Gateway to Heaven”, visit Tulum means go to Sian Ka’an.

  • Bacalar:

If you haven’t heard of Bacalar, a paradise city of dreams, it must be the law to visit the Lagoon of Seven Colors, and other Bacalar wonders.

  • Cenotes:

Located throughout the Riviera Maya, the cenotes are underwater caves full of charm, where you can perform different activities and be in contact with beautiful nature and know the mysteries that hide these landscapes.


Without a doubt, Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico, a place to visit. Learn more about Mexico with us.



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