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Best Thing to do in Quintana Roo

Some Best Things to do in Akumal and Tulum


Akumal is the perfect place to swim with turtles. And it is also a little fisherman’s village very famous for its sea turtles, in this place if you get up early you will be able to swim with them.

Cenote Azul: the natural swimming poolThe cenotes are natural groundwater reserves with beautiful crystal clear water inside. The cenote Azul is located between Tulum and playa and offers a magnificent natural open air pool.


Tulum is an ancient Maya city, the site’s main structure, El Castillo (the Castle). The Mayas have used it as an ancient lighthouse! Two small windows at the  top allowed sailors to navigate the ocean reef at dusk. If the captain could see daylight through both windows, that meant they were on the correct course.


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